Patterned Vintage Nylon Socks Men's

Grey /white stripes patterned nylon 100% socks. I got them new in a vintage clothing store, they are vintage nylon socks as 1970s-1980s especially but never worn. Totally satisfied of wonderful nylon socks men!

29.July 2014


Naughty Bid Seller Listing - blue/black dress socks


Used patterned nylon socks in Converse sneakers after hot summer day.

Fabulous!!!! like this combination!! patterned nylon socks with Converse sneakers!! Welcome back!


Short grey/black nylon socks after use


Short grey/black nylon socks after use

Blue ultramarine patterned vintage nylon 100% socks men’ s ( long socks)

(Viceroy brand). Absolutely fabulous!

Brown patterned nylon socks men’ s

Green with red/white patterns vintage nylon socks men’ s

( Raven brand)

Red with some green diamonds vintage nylon+terylene socks men’ s

( Wolsey brand). They look lovely and stunning!